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LARG's in-depth MARKET research, ECONOMIC data & industry FORECASTS provide JOURNALISTS with an INSTANT understanding of nearly 1,200 INDUSTRIES & 3,000 PRODUCT categories.


Los Angeles Research Group provides industry analysis, data and forecasts to journalists free of charge. Our in-depth market research, economic data and industry forecasts are an invaluable resource for journalists and reporters. Media members utilize our information to pitch stories, reference data and generate analysis for various industry topics, economic activities and market trends.

Access to LARG’s information provides journalists with data and insight on a variety of industry topics. LARG provides journalist with the same data and analysis as its clients, including:

  • Revenue, GDP & industry rankings
  • Import & export statistics
  • Profit margins, expenses & asset levels
  • Number of firms & establishments
  • Market segmentation & supply chain data
  • Geographical breakdowns
  • Employment & wage information
  • Key industry drivers & growth strategies


Armed with LARG data, journalists are able to:

  • Analyze industry performance and growth by sub-sector
  • Compare the attractiveness of industries and countries in stable and challenging economic conditions
  • Deconstruct supply chains and size profit margins
  • Understand how industries are connected and which industries have the greatest bargaining power
  • Profile the importance of imports and exports and the positive and negative trends
  • Analyze industry composition with regard to companies by number of employees
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