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Industry Definition

The Beer and Ale Wholesalers industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in beer wholesaling. Industry players wholesale distribute beer, ale, porter, and other fermented malt beverages.

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Los Angeles Research Group's Beer and Ale Wholesalers market research report contains detailed information on upstream and downstream industries, including market shares, growth patterns and pricing trends. In addition to supply chain data, this report highlights important economic drivers, risk factors and sector trends. Industry performance is benchmarked against its sector and the general economy, so users get a better understanding of how the market is performing. This industry is segmented by size (e.g., revenue, number of employees, number of establishments), location and type (e.g., corporations, sole-proprietorships, partnerships).


LARG’s industry research, market intelligence and economic data are used for a variety of purposes, including identifying market segmentations, understanding competitor positions, drafting business plans, developing pitch books, benchmarking performance and forecasting growth. LARG’s industry data, economic statistics and geographic information are also used for business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and other business related functions.

Our products supply our clients with the knowledge necessary to make valuable business decisions, while also saving time, money and resources. Our data is detailed, but well organized, so clients can easily identify industry trends, risk factors and growth opportunities.

Revenue ($b)
Businesses (000s)
Market Share
$340.7 $133.1
Employment (000s)
Wages & Benefits ($m) Profit ($m)
$43.8 $92.7

*Note: All data in the table is based on 2011 figures; Industry market share is a ranking of industries by size (calculated using IVA), with 1 being the largest and 486 being the smallest.


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About this Report

Main Activities

  • Alcoholic beverages (except distilled spirits, wine) merchant wholesalers
  • Ale merchant wholesalers
  • Beer merchant wholesalers
  • Beverages, alcoholic (except distilled spirits, wine), merchant wholesalers
  • Fermented malt beverages merchant wholesalers
  • Porter merchant wholesalers

NAICS Industry Codes

  • 42481 - Beer and Ale Merchant Wholesalers: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of beer, ale, porter, and other fermented malt beverages.

Sector Overview

The Beer and Ale Wholesalers industry is part of the Wholesale Trade sector, which comprises establishments that specialize in commercial transactions, as firms provide bulk sales to institutional, industrial, wholesale and retail clients. As a result, wholesalers are not usually organized to serve the general public. Instead, firms typically operate from a warehouse or office that is not designed nor located to solicit a high volume of walk-in traffic. Wholesaling normally denotes large volume sales as products are generally supplied to commercial operators, however, some items may be sold in single units. These items include capital or durable non-consumer goods used for commercial purposes, such as farm machinery, medium and heavy duty trucks and other industrial equipment.

Los Angeles Research Group’s in-depth KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE provides clients with an INSTANT understanding of the Beer and Ale Wholesalers INDUSTRY - including past RESULTS & FORECAST performance.

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