Other Services

Establishments in this sector engage in a variety of activities, including: equipment and machinery repairing, promoting or administering religious activities, grant-making, advocacy, laundry services and personal care services.


Other Services

Output ($b)1 IVA ($b)2 Market Size3 Employment (m)* Wages & Benefits ($m)* EBITDA ($m)4
$340.7 $133.1 13/18 1,226 $43.8 $92.7

Sector Overview

The Other Services sector comprises establishments that engage in a wide variety of activities including:

Repair and Maintenance – This subsector comprises establishments that restore machinery, equipment and other products to working order. These establishments also typically provide general or routine maintenance (i.e., servicing) on such products to ensure they work efficiently and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs.

Personal Care and Laundry Services – Industries in this subsector provide personal and laundry services to individuals, households and businesses. Services performed include: personal care services, death care services, laundry and dry-cleaning services and a wide range of other personal services, such as pet care (except veterinary) services, photofinishing services, temporary parking services and dating services.

Religious, Grant-Making, Civic, Professional and Similar Organizations – This subsector comprises establishments that organize and promote religious activities, support various causes through grant-making, advocate various social and political causes and promote and defend the interests of their members.

Private Households – This segment includes private households that engage in employing workers on or about the premises in activities primarily concerned with the operation of the household. These private households may employ individuals, such as cooks, maids, butlers and outside workers, such as gardeners, caretakers and other maintenance workers.

LARG Industry Reports

Los Angeles Research Group provides 15 industry reports detailing the Other Services sector. Each report contains detailed information on output, employment, enterprises, establishments, assets, liabilities and profitability. LARG’s industry reports also provide in-depth information on market share concentrations, business structure (e.g., corporations, sole-proprietorships, partnerships), key economic indicators, supply chain data, debt ratios and new entrant trends, including survivor rates (i.e., percentage of new businesses that last longer than five years).

In addition to LARG’s standardized report information, LARG’s industry reports in the Other Services sector also provide specialized statistics, including detailed information on tax-exempt operators, taxable firms, social assistance and grants. For more information on a particular industry, please click on the appropriate industry below.

Sector Growth5

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