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Market Research Reports

Our individual reports are perfect for clients looking for in-depth, detailed research on specific business topics, industries or sectors. Reports contain:

  • Revenue, profit, wages, expenses & assets
  • Number of firms, establishments & employees
  • Market segmentation & supply chain information
  • Geographical breakdowns & market share concentrations
  • Key industry drivers, risks & growth strategies

Firm Overview

Los Angeles Research Group is a leading economic, market research and industry analysis firm in the US, with nearly 500 reports covering roughly 1,200 industries and over 3,000 product categories. Our data is timely, accurate and detailed, ensuring that our clients have access to the best data available. Our expertise and industry information is utilized by a diverse group of clients, including accountants, small businesses, commercial banks, universities and multi-national conglomerates.

Our reporting structure follows the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies, such as the US Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The NAICS system is also used by banks to classify loans businesses to organize data and analyze information, and economic researchers for statistical studies.


Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting

Mining, Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction




Animal Food Manufacturing Grain & Oilseed Mills Sugar & Confectionery Product Manufacturing
Fruit, Vegetable & Specialty Food Processing Dairy Product Manufacturing Animal Slaughtering & Processing
Seafood Product Preparation & Packaging Bakeries & Tortilla Manufacturing Coffee, Tea, Snack Food & Condiment Processing
Beverage Manufacturing Cigarette & Tobacco Manufacturing Textile Mills
Carpet, Rug, Curtain & Linen Mills Textile Bag, Canvas & Product Mills Apparel Knitting Mills
Cut & Sew Apparel Manufacturing Apparel Accessories Manufacturing Leather & Hide Tanning & Finishing
Footwear Manufacturing Leather & Allied Product Manufacturing Sawmills & Wood Preservation
Veneer, Plywood & Wood Product Mfg. Wood Container, Pallet & Product Mfg. Pulp, Paper & Paperboard Mills
Converted Paper Product Manufacturing Printing & Related Support Services Petroleum & Coal Products Manufacturing
Basic Chemical Manufacturing Resin, Synthetic Rubber & Artificial Fiber Mfg. Pesticide, Fertilizer & Other Agriculture Mfg.
Pharmaceutical & Medicine Manufacturing Paint, Coating & Adhesive Manufacturing Soap & Cleaning Supply Manufacturing
Printing Ink & Other Chemical Manufacturing Plastics Product Manufacturing Tire & Rubber Product Manufacturing
Plumbing Fixtures, Pottery & Ceramics Mfg. Glass Product Manufacturing Cement & Concrete Product Manufacturing
Lime & Gypsum Product Manufacturing Abrasive, Sandpaper & Mineral Product Mfg. Iron, Steel & Ferroalloy Manufacturing
Steel Product Manufacturing Aluminum Production & Processing Copper, Zinc & Other Nonferrous Metal Mfg.
Foundries Metal Forging & Stamping Cutlery & Handtool Manufacturing
Architectural & Structural Metal Mfg. Boiler, Tank & Shipping Container Manufacturing Hardware Manufacturing
Spring & Wire Product Manufacturing Machine Shops (Screw, Nut & Bolt Manufacturing) Coating, Engraving, Heating & Allied Services
Valve & Other Fabricated Metal Product Mfg. Farming, Construction & Mining Machinery Mfg. Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Commercial & Service Industry Machinery Mfg. HVAC & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
Engine, Turbine & Power Equipment Mfg. General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing Computer & Peripheral Equipment Mfg.
Communications Equipment Manufacturing Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing Semiconductor & Electronic Component Mfg.
Navigation, Measurement & Instrument Mfg. Compact Disc, Tape, Record & Other Media Mfg. Light Fixtures, Bulbs & Equipment Mfg.
Household Appliance Manufacturing Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Battery, Wire & Other Electrical Equipment Mfg.
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturing Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing Train, Subway & Railroad Car Manufacturing Ship & Boat Building
Motorcycle, Military & Misc. Trans. Equip. Mfg. Furniture & Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Office Furniture & Fixture Manufacture
Mattress, Blind & Shade Manufacturing Medical Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing Jewelry, Silverware, Toy, Game & Misc. Mfg.

Wholesale Trade

Car, Truck & Other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers Auto Parts Wholesalers Tire Wholesalers
Used Auto Parts Wholesalers Furniture Wholesalers Home Furnishing Wholesalers
Lumber, Plywood & Millwork Wholesalers Construction Material Wholesalers Roofing, Siding & Insulation Material Wholesalers
Durable Goods Wholesalers Camera & Film Wholesalers Office Equipment Wholesalers
Computer, Peripheral & Software Wholesalers Commercial Equipment Wholesalers Medical Equipment & Supplies Wholesalers
Ophthalmic Goods Wholesalers Professional Equipment & Supplies Wholesalers Metal Service Centers & Wholesalers
Coal, Mineral & Ore Wholesalers Electrical Apparatus & Equipment Wholesalers Home Entertainment & Appliance Wholesalers
Electronic Parts & Equipment Wholesalers Tool & Hardware Wholesalers Plumbing & Heating Supplies Wholesalers
HVAC Equipment & Supplies Wholesalers Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies Wholesalers Construction & Mining Equipment Wholesalers
Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesalers Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesalers Industrial Supplies Wholesalers
Service Equipment & Supplies Wholesalers Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Supplies Wholesalers Sporting & Recreational Goods Wholesalers
Toy & Craft Supplies Wholesalers Recyclable Material Wholesalers Jewelry, Watch & Precious Metal Wholesalers
Durable Goods & Other Misc. Wholesalers Paper Wholesalers Office Supplies & Stationery Wholesalers
Sanitary Paper Products & Bags Wholesalers Drug, Cosmetic & Toiletry Wholesalers Fabric & Apparel Wholesalers
Men's & Boys' Apparel Wholesalers Women, Children & Infants Apparel Wholesalers Footwear Wholesalers
Grocery Wholesalers Frozen Food Wholesalers Dairy Wholesalers
Poultry & Egg Wholesalers Candy Wholesalers Fish & Seafood Wholesalers
Beef & Pork Wholesalers Fruit & Vegetable Wholesalers Baked Goods, Soda & Misc. Grocery Wholesalers
Corn, Wheat & Misc. Grain Wholesalers Cattle, Hog & Other Livestock Wholesalers Farm Product Wholesalers
Plastics Wholesalers Chemical & Allied Products Wholesalers Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals
Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesalers Beer & Ale Wholesalers Wine & Spirits Wholesalers
Farm Supplies Wholesalers Book, Magazine & Newspaper Wholesalers Flower & Nursery Stock Wholesalers
Cigarette & Tobacco Wholesalers Paint Wholesalers Nondurable Goods Wholesalers
Business to Business E-Commerce Wholesale Trade Agents & Brokers

Retail Trade

Transportation & Warehousing


Finance & Insurance

Renting, Leasing & Real Estate

Professional, Scientific & Technical Devices

Administration, Support & Remediation Services

Educational Services

Health Care & Social Services

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Accommodation & Food Services

Other Services

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