Industry Summaries

Los Angeles Research Group's industry summaries provide high level trends and market information that is ideal for executives, sales teams and other clients on the go. These reports allow users to quickly digest information, which is beneficial for time sensitive deadlines, sales calls and prospective client meetings.

Industry Risk Reports


Our industry summaries provide high-level trends, market information and industry data, ideal for executives, sales teams and other clients on the go. Users can quickly digest information, evaluate market conditions and determine trends almost instantly, making them perfect for sales calls, prospect pitches and client meetings.

Improve Client Relationships & Boost Sales

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors. To effectively communicate with decision makers, particularly C-level executives, sales teams, account executives and managers must be able to understand each prospect’s operating environment, market conditions and industry drivers.

LARG’s industry summaries provide insight into key industry trends and economic developments affecting businesses in nearly every market. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to approach prospects and clients as insiders, increasing sales and retention rates. Other benefits include:

  • Productivity – Increase sales productivity by reducing pre-call planning, preparation and prospecting
  • Conversion Rates – Increase conversion rates by identifying key markets and creating targeted sales strategies
  • Differentiate – Stand apart from competitors by developing tailored pitches and presentations highlighting important industry trends and market conditions
  • Retention – Improve retention and increase sales by using industry intelligence to maintain client relationships and identify cross-selling opportunities
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