Industry Research Reports

LARG's economists, market researchers and statisticians specialize in industry-related data, analysis and forecasts. Our reports provide detailed information on every industry in the United States, providing our clients with a full in-depth understanding of the current marketplace.

Industry Reports

"A full-blown INDUSTRY ANALYSIS is MASSIVE task, and one that can consume MONTHS if one is starting from SCRATCH." - Michael E. Porter


Los Angeles Research Group’s industry reports provide analysis, data and forecasts on every industry in the US economy, accounting for 100% of US GDP. Our approach is centered on Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework for industry analysis and competitive strategy. Each report contains detailed analysis and information related to the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, threat of substitutes and new entrants and competitive rivalry among industry operators.

Our reporting structure follows the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies, such as the US Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA); the NAICS is also used by banks to classify loans; businesses to organize data and analyze information; and economic researchers for statistical studies.

Report Highlights

LARG’s reports provide detailed information on upstream and downstream industries, including market shares, growth patterns and pricing trends. In addition to supply chain data, each report highlights important economic drivers, risk factors and sector trends. Industry performance is benchmarked against its sector and the general economy, so users get a better understanding of how a market is performing. Each industry is segmented by size (e.g., revenue, number of employees, number of establishments), location and type (e.g., corporations, sole-proprietorships, partnerships).

All of LARG’s industry reports include:

  • Revenue, GDP & industry rankings
  • Import & export statistics
  • Profit margins, expenses & asset levels
  • Number of firms & establishments
  • Market segmentation & supply chain data
  • Geographical breakdowns
  • Employment & wage information
  • Key industry drivers & growth strategies


LARG’s industry reports are used for a variety of purposes, including identifying market segmentations, understanding competitor positions, drafting business plans, developing pitch books, benchmarking performance and forecasting growth. LARG’s industry data, economic statistics and geographic information are also used for business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and other business related functions. Our clients include:

  • The world’s leading consumer-facing manufacturers and retailers
  • Raw material suppliers, ingredient manufacturers, distributors and packagers
  • Investment banks and strategic consultancy firms
  • Marketing consultancies and advertising companies
  • Public, national and government libraries
  • Universities and business schools
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