Products & Services

LARG's team of analysts and economists utilize complex models and statistical methods to generate industry data and forecasts. Our data is timely, accurate and detailed, ensuring our clients have access to the best information available.


Products & Services

Our PRODUCTS supply our clients with the KNOWLEDGE necessary to make VALUABLE business decisions, while also SAVING time, MONEY & resources.


Los Angeles Research Group’s in-depth knowledge and expertise provides clients with an instant understanding of nearly 1,200 industries and 3,000 product categories. Our products and services supply our clients with the knowledge necessary to make valuable business decisions, while also saving time, money and resources. Our data is detailed, but well organized allowing our clients to easily identify industry trends, risk factors and growth opportunities. We offer a diverse group of products & services that can be tailored to any business need.

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Los Angeles Research Group’s individual reports are perfect for clients looking for in-depth, detailed research on specific business topics, industries or sectors. Our reports include:

  • Revenue, GDP & industry rankings
  • Import & export statistics
  • Profit margins, expenses & asset levels
  • Number of firms & establishments
  • Market segmentation & supply chain data
  • Geographical breakdowns
  • Employment & wage information
  • Key industry drivers & growth strategies
Subscription Services

LARG’s Subscription Services provide access to ALL of our reports, data, forecasts and analysis. Pricing varies by service, but the benefits are unlimited:

  • Analyze industry performance and growth by sub-sector
  • Compare the attractiveness of industries and countries in stable and challenging economic conditions
  • Deconstruct supply chains and size profit margins
  • Understand how industries are connected and which industries have the greatest bargaining power
  • Profile the importance of imports and exports and the positive and negative trends
  • Analyze industry composition with regard to companies by number of employees
Custom Solutions

LARG also offers custom services to clients looking for specific data, research and analysis. Whether you are looking for a one-time solution or an ongoing relationship, LARG has the answer. Our custom products and services include:

  • Demographic data, trends & forecasts
  • Economic modeling & consulting services
  • Database solutions
  • Country reports & data analysis
  • Sector data & market analysis
  • Product segmentation & market breakdowns
  • Industry concentration & market segmentations
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